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3:00 waiting for press to brief the media on the trainee who was shot in owings mills. there was an active scene there earlier. our photographer was out. there were not only baltimore county police officers but also state patrols -- state troopers. investigators are dealing with the situation of cr we have very -- of which we have very little information. a trainee was hurt during some sort of exercise. they have not released a name, a condition or anything. around 2:30 that trainee officer was hurt and flown immediately to shock trauma. at about 4:00 this afternoon, mayor stephanie rawlings-blake showed up. police leadership, including commissioner batts are here. we're waiting for police arrived
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before police will provide a briefing. baltimore city police confirming a trainee was shot and hurt during an exercise in owings mills. we'll stay on this situation at shock trauma and bring you the latest as soon as that press conference happens. two university of maryland students are dead and third is in the hospital in what police are calling a murder suicide. >> a dwrad student shot his roommate, killing one and turned the gun on himself. rosie? >> reporter: a sad day for the entire college park community. a student, who by all accounts, was simply brilliant, tried to kill his roommate. a brilliant mind with a troubled heart. 22-year-old da von maurice greene used that to plot out a murder. two of greene's roommates
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noticed a fire. >> they walked toward the home to get some water to put out these fires. as they did, one of the students noticed the suspect rinto his w. that student then began to run away from the home. as he did, he heard gunshots. >> one roommate ran. the other was shot dead. police say greene then walked into the backyard and turned the gun on himself. officers arrived and found the two bodies and the other roommate who was hit but managed to escape. they also found a bag with a machete, semi automatic hand and baseball bat. he was an honors graduate for morgan state but they say he was also troubled. >> after speaking with greene's family, detectives learned the shooter had been suffering from
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a mental illness. the family let our detectives know that this suspect had this condition for at least a year and that in the past he had been prescribed medication for this mental illness. the shooter did not leave a note. >> reporter: although off campus the shooting has shocked and saddened the university community. maryland's president said everyone is grieving. >> it's very, very painful. as a parent i would dread the call that my son -- so we are in complete shock and we want to do everything pollsable -- possible for them, their loved ones and the rest of the students. >> reporter: the roommate who was wounded is expected to be okay. at the university of maryland campus there will be a vying jill at 7:00 to remember the
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victim. as parents we all worry about things like this. >> and abc2 investigator brian kuebler has more. >> reporter: in some cases what these students saw and felt yesterday was clearly written on their face. while we know the flutes and bolts of what happened and who did it, many are struggling with the why. neighbors told us what they heard early this morning and what they saw. >> it sounded like gunfire would sound like. i ducked in the corner and basically curled up into a ball behind the corner where my
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enclose set sticks out from the wall and waited for gunfire to stop. >> and when the gunfire did stop, they sawed fire burning and the body of the student on the front porch and listening to car alarms go off. he was one of the first people to call 911. coming up at 6:00 we'll have more reaction from neighbors on this bizarre and troubled night in college park. >> all right. for the very latest details as this breaking news continues in exoj park, you can follow us on twitter at abc2 news. a harford county woman faces a series of sex charges after allegedly having sex with one of her students. >> let's go over to jeff hager with details on her arrest. >> reporter: the suspect in this case served in what's called an inclusion helper, a person who helps special needs students in
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a regular class room. but it was her relation with another student that landed her behind bars. at 5'4" and 109 pounds, someone may have mistaken amanda miller. >> we're looking at a teacher who was 35 and a student who was 15. >> reporter: child advocacy learned of the victim on friday and interviewed the person on monday. miller admitted to exchanging nude pictures, having sex in the driveway. >> detectives took her into custody at approximately noontime. they did take her then to the harford county detention center where she was processed and
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booked. she was released after posting $50,000 bail. >> reporter: she is married with three boys of her own. the school said she has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. one driver was rushed to the hospital after a crash involving his car, two others and a baltimore county school bus all on york road. police said it happened on york road just after 8:30. one of the drivers involved in the crash said another car crossed the center line heading straight for oncoming traffic. >> just crossed the road and came right into us. and it happened so fast, none of us could move to get out of the way. >> police have not released information on the driver. the students were taken to school. on a brighter note, it was a
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beautiful day. nice, mild, no rain. >> can we keep this string going? >> let's check in with wyatt everhart. any changes headed our way? >> it's early february. we know it won't hold up forever. tomorrow looks fairly mild as well. the clouds will be coming back. we're clear. 52 in baltimore. 47 in mt. airy. 52 in centerville, so the numbers certainly reasonably warm, in fact, warmer than average by 8 to 10 degrees. our southern storm is spinning up, putting down snow and rain mixed together across oklahoma, into arkansas. this is the system headed our way by tomorrow evening. it will bring us the threat for some winter weather. we've got the details coming up. >> more breaking news, this time out of los angeles. gunfire erupted in the san
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bernadino mountains as police moved in on the ex-cop involved in three murders. investigators believe that christopher dorner, former police officer, broke into a cabin and tide up a -- tied up a couple inside. one escaped and called police. when they showed up, dorner drove off in a car. we just learned two california fish and wildlife officers were wounded in the gun battle. we'll continue to stay on top of it on air and online. north korea. here's the update on the breaking news we brought you. north korea rocked our world with order nuclear test. >> we have the latest reaction from the united nations and right here at home. >> reporter: a news reader announces north korea has conducted its third underground nuclear test. the first test under the leader and potentially three times as
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powerful as the previous two. satellite photos showed where it triggered a seismic reaction. it was greeted by applause by north koreans. >> the u.n. security council will deliver a swift response. >> there is additional pressure that can be placed, additional sanctions. >> reporter: even china, north korea's strongest ally issued a statement opposing. it north korea said it is defending itself, a reference to increased sanctions after a december rocket launch that the u.n. called a missile test. experts said the latest test may bring them closer to warheads.
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the u.s -- marines from the two countries conducting drills and for the first time held inside of snowy south korea. north korea said it's the first of u.s. aggression and that any blocks of its ships would be considered quote acts of war. >> and the president's office has indicated he will react to it during the state of the union address. a new study find there is may be a simple way of lowering a child's risk of autism. the simple supplements that they can take. >> find out what topic the president is expected to focus in on that impacts all of us.
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>> parents, if you have a favorite, don't let it show.
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could a simple supplement be the key toward fighting off autism? researchers found women who took folic acid starting four weeks before becoming pregnant until eight weeks after they had a 39% loris being of their child developing autism. the same loris being did not appear in mothers who began taking feel lick acid mid-pregnancy. more and more kids are dealing with obesity. for some shedding the extra weight can only be with surgery. for some it is more beneficial than first thought. we have the details on how
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weight loss surgery can impact a teen's life. >> reporter: like a growing number of teenagers, she had bear at trick surgery and in 90 days lost more than 70 pounds. >> life is so much better. i'm happier, getting to know more people. >> reporter: but her life may have changed more than she realizes. every teenager is put through rigorous testing. but in a study researchers took it a step further doing sophisticated tests on the teenager's heart as well. >> what we found is the cardiac structure and function in these extremely obese adolescents were much more impaired than one might thought. >> reporter: doctors performed cardiac mri's and following 10 of them, they found many had hearts that were larger and much less efficient than normal but after weight loss surgery that
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changed. >> many of the abnormalities that we documented during the initial baseline study actually showed significant improvement after the weight loss had been obtained. >> reporter: in fact, the study found in large hearts it got smaller and in 60% it completely normalized. because they are young and rarely show cardiac risk factors, few get testing before surgery but this test may change that. >> the bad news is they're probably more at risk than considered. the good news is bariatric surgery can reverse some of this. >> doctors said many had hearts that looked like a middle aged patient. the study is published in the journal of pediatric surgery. for more, just head to
5:18 pm all right. a night looking clear day. 53 degrees. winds from the west at 7, not bad for early, mid february. 50 in dover. satellite radar view showing basically some passing cloud cover out there at times but for the most part dry conditions, quiet weather and as it so happens, it will be the quiet before the storm. take a look at our future trend, we're bringing in a new system. anytime after 3:00, 4:00. but this is 6:00. we'll move in this system. there will be slow aloft, lot of it melting. then as the whole thing begins to pull out toward midnight tomorrow night snow and colder air wrapping around the back side. we look forward to -- look for
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winter showers. temperatures will be above 40. this will start off as a rain maker. that will help hold accumulations down to light levels. pavement will be above freezing. cold across the northern u.s., still a mild surge coming up through maryland. again, that will be changed by this approaching weather system. in fact, we'll zoom in further south. you can see the circulation on this thing already showing more snow on the back side, the northwest quadrant of the low. that will be sliding northward and initially starting out in the rain, in this rain shield but that will again be changing as we go beyond tomorrow into tomorrow night overnight. looks like we skipped one of the key graphics. tonight's forecast will be down to 31. we stay dry and then into tomorrow we're talking 44 has
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the clouds thicken up. late day showers, rain showers, 40 or so at lunchtime. rain showers at on spet. wet snow coming down has we go into tomorrow evening. rain going down to snow. we'll likely see a light slushy coating with hearse north and west of baltimore, toward the pennsylvania state line with light accumulations. even there most of it will be on president and car tops, not so much on the road and paved surfaces which will be in the 40s through the day. the whole system coming in lasting until tomorrow evening. we clear early in the day on thursday. then we see what happens. back to near 50. we bring in a new system. this could be late friday into early saturday. with that it will arrive before the cold air does. looks like it's more of a rain deal and then just cold and
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windy. the common theme is there's not a tremendous amount of cold air to generate the kind of snow you have to shovel, just the slushy irritating nuisance. >> okay. >> any complaints about that? >> not yet. i'll let you know. thanks a lot. just a day after the pope shocked the catholic world with his resignation, the country's first and oldest archdiocese, many are asking who will replace him. >> we have the latest tonight from vatican city. >> in the hallowed secret halls, the next pope will lead the largest body on earth. traveling, ability to inspire a billion followers across the world. >> the new pope has to make this clear he is the pastor of the universal church, not just the bishop of rome. >> reporter: it might be sacred.
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nine to four odds, the one from ghana. he would be the first black pope. >> the new pope has to be very sensitive to the president condition of hue man nit and rec -- human ti and keep the gospel in its pure form. and archbishop scola but don't expect public politicking. all the campaigning will be behind these closed doors. >> campaigning is like a cardinal sin. you don't do it. otherwise, there would be tremendous backlash. >> today the vatican revealed he had a pace make are for years. his retirement home is the monastery inside the vatican. he will be spending the rest of his days in quiet prayer. >> he will be retired and not
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intervene in any way in the process. >> reporter: and that process is definitely underway. it will pit staunch traditionalists on one side and those who want to open up the church and embrace a more modern and diverse future. a retired police officer is on trial for murdering his own son. what prosecutors believe the two were arguing about before the father grabbed his gun. a fight breaks out during a high school basketball game causing chaos.
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a retired police officer is on trial for the murder of his own son. he claims is self-defense. timothy davis shot and killed 22-year-old timothy junior. he said davis was defending himself after being tackled by his son, plu officers believe surveillance video -- >> the video seems to suggest that mr. davis, sr. actually pursued or cuds the confrontation. >> the prosecutors are expected to argue that day vills killed his son in cold blood after an argument over the custody of davis' grandson. officers resorted to mace to break up a crowd. officers in ohio are still trying to identify the two girls who started the fight. two other student were arrested for fighting outside the school. a bad pass turned into an
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incredible shot for a basketball player in colorado. a girl was trying to make a pass way down court but overshot her target. the ball bounced on the court and goes right. the crowd went wild. >> got to love it when it happens. >> missed it but then hit it. coming up, president obama will discuss the issues facing our country. find out the president's talking points. >> be honest, is the school day beginning too early for students. what howard county is saying. >> parents, do you like one of your children more than the other? >> hey, weather wise, it is clear and come tonight -- -- and cool tonight. we have the details.
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